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Does my Glass look big in this? (yes)

On Sunday (10 Nov), at TEDxSalford 3.0, I was lucky enough to get a seat at Thad Starner‘s Google Glass lunchtime breakout event. The tickets for this particular session had been in high demand, helping to crash the ticketing system some days earlier – so it was pure serendipity that I had chanced upon the […]

TEDxSalford (3.0) A Storify Insertion … with video!

A view from @twitter

I, Crouch

It’s impossible for me to easily remember the time I noticed I wasn’t the only Crouch in the theatre. It was certainly before the time that every call centre caller started to ask if I was related to the footballer Peter Crouch, and whether I could do the robot. (Although there is another story here, […]

Punchdrunk // The Drowned Man (2013)

It seems so often stated that Punchdrunk have defined Immersive theatre that it’s probably impossible to separate the two words from each other. Certainly many companies in the past few decades have constructed intricately detailed worlds and placed the audience or participant in amongst performers, set and debris. Although none with such bright focus on […]

Quizoola! – swimming against the stream

I’ve just returned from a half week away from home. This may not sound like much but it consisted of a lot of to-ing and fro-ing around the country in order to attend a bunch of things that all seemed to want to happen at the same time. I got to see and experience pretty […]

The Salon Project (words)

  The Salon Project was presented as part of Spill festival in London this year (2013). Created by Untitled Projects, the idea for the Salon came from artistic director Stewart Laing’s appreciation of the transformational experience of costume. Something that few outside the performing arts ever get to enjoy. The element of ‘dressing up’ is combined with a […]