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Simple text is rarely so.

“Don’t anthropomorphise computers, they don’t like it” (Anonymous – sometimes attributed to Terry Pratchett)   I started a text message on my iPhone. The iPhone had been recently updated to IOS8. As part of that Apple overhaul there is a new predictive text system. Three choices of words are presented above the keyboard to assist in […]

A Machine of Loving Grace

Who’s looking at you, kid? UPDATE: APR 2014 We hit a few integration speed bumps on the way to making our lovely Grace, which meant that she wasn’t available for the City Fictions event at the splendid FuturEverything this year. She is still very much in development and will be viciously moping in a corner […]

Does my Glass look big in this? (yes)

On Sunday (10 Nov), at TEDxSalford 3.0, I was lucky enough to get a seat at Thad Starner‘s Google Glass lunchtime breakout event. The tickets for this particular session had been in high demand, helping to crash the ticketing system some days earlier – so it was pure serendipity that I had chanced upon the […]

TEDxSalford (3.0) A Storify Insertion … with video!

A view from @twitter