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Summer in the City

‘Objects of every sort are materials for the new art: paint, chairs, food, electric and neon lights, smoke, water, old socks, a dog, movies, a thousand other thing that will be discovered by the present generation of artists. Not only will these bold creators show us, as if for the first time, the world we […]

Take me to the Theatre

I’m writing this is in part a response to Matt Trueman’s recent post on Bad Theatre, although his article has really just catalysed this post about a bunch of things I’ve been thinking about for a while. An argument against Bad Theatre appears to be the terrible things it does to its audiences, both in potentia and in the auditorium. Things that will put […]

House of wonder

 … or what would you give for magic? There wasn’t much in the way of theatre in Frimley. It’s a small town, smooshing into it’s neighbours to make a kind of suburban sprawl that grants every Englishman a small and homogenous castle. I know my dad was a fan of Shakespeare, I know that because of the […]

Stream Bitterness

We didn’t know the car needed petrol. We didn’t know that plants needed water. We didn’t know that children needed love. It’s Sunday now. The daily twitter stats have landed in my mailbox: 270 tweets, 24 new followers, around the same new followings, 69 retweets & 195 tweets favourited. It must be the day after a Forced […]

A button I can’t unpress

                (So I’m mainly writing this to me and about me and about filling the gaps between articulation, memory and bias.) To sorta/kinda remember what on earth I thought about it and the noise around it, before it becomes a vague word-cloud memory and home to something with […]

Down in the Park

Immersive intervention on a budget will still stretch your imagination.     Discovered by word of mouth, an email, tweet or something found by the side of the road. I somehow found myself alerted to a new performance piece happening just off Salford Crescent. Peel Park Asylum promises Immersive Theatre for the Brave created by enthusiastic newcomers Moonstruck Me. […]

I, Crouch

It’s impossible for me to easily remember the time I noticed I wasn’t the only Crouch in the theatre. It was certainly before the time that every call centre caller started to ask if I was related to the footballer Peter Crouch, and whether I could do the robot. (Although there is another story here, […]

Punchdrunk // The Drowned Man (2013)

It seems so often stated that Punchdrunk have defined Immersive theatre that it’s probably impossible to separate the two words from each other. Certainly many companies in the past few decades have constructed intricately detailed worlds and placed the audience or participant in amongst performers, set and debris. Although none with such bright focus on […]

Quizoola! – swimming against the stream

I’ve just returned from a half week away from home. This may not sound like much but it consisted of a lot of to-ing and fro-ing around the country in order to attend a bunch of things that all seemed to want to happen at the same time. I got to see and experience pretty […]

The Salon Project (pictures)

  “Wonderfully Unique experience as part of SPILL FESTIVAL” [From Salon Project, posted by Jason Crouch on 12/4/2013] Hair and Makeup Hair and Makeup Our host. Backstage   Some of the dresser team. Backstage   Backstage Backstage   Rose English talking to the audio twins Wonderful waitress – always seemed to know when we needed […]