I’ll Show You Mine – A Storify insertion.

Graphic showing the exposure of the #illshowyoumine hashtag on Twitter over the past week.

Exposure of the #illshowyoumine hashtag on Twitter over the past week.
The ‘tag has appeared around 500,000 times in Twitter streams

Twitter was briefly set aflame last week after delicate wallflower Bryony Kimmings decided enough was enough, and posted a blog concerning itself with the perceived value of touring performance, what such things cost and perhaps the unfairness and lack of transparency in all of the financial decisions made by all parties. It was posted to Twitter with the hashtag #illshowyoumine.

Many folk who are pretty damn good at making that there theatre carried on the discussion on Twitter, so I’ve just put together a Storify to try and stick some of those great words into a single page – like a butterfly impaled on a pin. There’s much more to talk about, and many tweets missed – but this might give a bit of background and does link to some fantastic thoughts on other blogs.

UPDATE 29/11: Arts Admin did a roundup, here.

UPDATE 4/12: Daniel Bye gives a wider context here.

(for the record, whilst I’m fully funded in my PhD I’m in the red when it comes to art)

Discussions on Twitter prompted by Bryony Kimming’s passionate blog. It’s all about the Money.