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Summer in the City

‘Objects of every sort are materials for the new art: paint, chairs, food, electric and neon lights, smoke, water, old socks, a dog, movies, a thousand other thing that will be discovered by the present generation of artists. Not only will these bold creators show us, as if for the first time, the world we […]

House of wonder

 … or what would you give for magic? There wasn’t much in the way of theatre in Frimley. It’s a small town, smooshing into it’s neighbours to make a kind of suburban sprawl that grants every Englishman a small and homogenous castle. I know my dad was a fan of Shakespeare, I know that because of the […]

Northern Powerhouse

There’s been talk. The politicians from the capital have started their pre-election, regional tour. Nick Clegg – in a radical piece of recursion – instructed the Manchester creative-entrepreneur-set to ape Berlin and ‘use vacant buildings as a base for arty start-ups and collectives‘, which came as some surprise to author and DJ Dave Haslam who points out that the Berlin model had been, […]

Stream Bitterness

We didn’t know the car needed petrol. We didn’t know that plants needed water. We didn’t know that children needed love. It’s Sunday now. The daily twitter stats have landed in my mailbox: 270 tweets, 24 new followers, around the same new followings, 69 retweets & 195 tweets favourited. It must be the day after a Forced […]

Simple text is rarely so.

“Don’t anthropomorphise computers, they don’t like it” (Anonymous – sometimes attributed to Terry Pratchett)   I started a text message on my iPhone. The iPhone had been recently updated to IOS8. As part of that Apple overhaul there is a new predictive text system. Three choices of words are presented above the keyboard to assist in […]

Quizoola! – swimming against the stream

I’ve just returned from a half week away from home. This may not sound like much but it consisted of a lot of to-ing and fro-ing around the country in order to attend a bunch of things that all seemed to want to happen at the same time. I got to see and experience pretty […]